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Connected is secure file delivery made simple

Connected is a cloud based SaaS solution that will scale to meet your organization's external data transfer needs while ensuring compliance with data privacy laws such as HIPAA and GDPR.

Exchange encrypted messages and files up to 5 GB, all the sender and recipient need is a web browser.

Connected protects your organization's data with the latest AES 256 encryption both in transit and at rest - we take care of your security so you can concentrate on your business.

Secure File transfer

Securely transfer files up to 5 GIGABYTES - our unique security system ensures the files can not be intercepted by third parties, only the intended recipient can access the files.

Secure messaging

Your own company branded portal to exchange AES256 encrypted messages, exchange secure messages with clients using the same security standards as the big banks.

Identity Verification

Our unique identity verification system allows you to view verified identity data for the sender and recipient so you can be sure who the files and messages are coming from and going to.

A turn key solution for your organization

Connected Provides A Complete Independent Solution For Your Organizations Secure File Delivery And Messaging Needs. If Your Organization Uses Office 365, Google G-Suite Or Dropbox Connected Works Seamlessly With Those Solutions To Provide A Secure Bridge Between Those Solutions And Secure External Collaboration.

Works with your existing platform

Single Sign on and file integration

Full OneDrive Integration

Automatically store files you receive in OneDrive Sign in to Connected with your Office 365 account Select files from OneDrive to securely send to people who do not use OneDrive

Full Google Drive Integration

Automatically store files you receive in Google Drive Sign in to Connected with your Google account Select files from Google Drive to securely send to people who do not use Google Drive

Full Dropbox Integration

Automatically store files you receive in Dropbox Sign in to Connected with your Dropbox account Select files from Dropbox to securely send to people who do not use Dropbox

Receive files directly in the platform you already use - seamlessly send files from your cloud storage to people who use a different system.

Securing your companies data starts here

Today’s digital-first world demands your business work in a new way. Your partners and customers expect your organization to collaborate in a secure professional manner, for many tasks using email or insecure ”click here to download the file solutions” are no longer acceptable as they are inherently insecure and inefficient. Connected gives you a single company branded solution to secure your business communications and increase employee productivity.

Why Connected?

Connected was designed with security and ease of use as guiding principles

Ease of use

Users tend to take the path of least resistance, which can lead to data breaches - Connected is so intuitive and easy to use there is no learning curve for your users. If you can send an email you can use Connected.

Data protection

Bank-level data encryption secures your files and messages in transit and at rest. Files are seamlessly moved from one secure cloud to another.

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Supercharge efficiency

Connected is a powerful solution to increase your organizations efficiency. Work faster, more securely and effectively than ever before. Connected integrates with the systems your clients are already using.

Company branding

It's easy to configure Connected to match your company brand. Your secure portal and messages maintain your professional company image with the clients you work with.

Sender verification

Connected verifies the message sender, guaranteeing the identity of the sender via several powerful technologies.

File verification

Connected guarantees the authenticity of the files you receive - this feature also applies to forwarded files so the final recipient can confirm the identity and authenticity of the original sender and files.

File drop pages

File drop pages allow you to securely receive messages and files from anyone with a web browser.

Watch a 60 second file drop overview

Financial Services

This demonstrates a file drop page used by a Financial advisor to receive files from clients, go ahead and send a file to test it out. Notice the company branding colors and logo.

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Print Industry

This demonstrates how a print shop uses a file drop page to receive and process large print files from customers, go ahead and send a file to test it out. Notice the company branding colors and logo.

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Media & Entertainment

This demonstarates how a music producing company uses a file drop page to receive audio files from bands for processing. Notice the company branding colors and logo.

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This demonstarates how a healthcare insurance company uses a file drop page to receive documentation from clients. Notice the company branding colors and logo.

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Connected for your industry

"We need to exchange confidential files with our clients and Connected provides a really easy to use solution - we have tried several other tools and this is the most professional - it was easy to ensure our company branding is reflected in our portal, messages and File drop pages. Clients often give me feedback that they find the system really easy to use."

Financial services Stephen Cross

"Once you have received files using Connected there is no going back - why wasn't this invented years ago! Connected has transformed the way we communicate with our clients, we use Office 365 and the ability to receive files directly to OneDrive has streamlined our workflows."

Architecture Anthony Harrison

"We use Connected to receive print files from our customers, it’s so easy to use and very efficient as the files go straight to our Google Drive for processing - we really like the ability to reply directly to customer uploads in our secure portal. Before Connected we used a couple of other file upload services but moved to Connected because of the integration with Google Drive and the ease of use for our customers."

Print Industry Henela Simmons


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Connected cost?

With Connected you only pay for what you use. You can use Connected for free (with 200 MB data allowance each month). In your first month after signing up you also get a bonus of 10 GIG data usage which then drops back to 200MB thereafter. If you are using Connected above the free threshhold you will need to purchase a license.

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Do we need Office 365 or Google G-suite?

No Connected provides your organisation with a fully independent turn key solution for secure file transfer and messaging, complete with AES encrypted at rest and in transit file storage. If you use Office 365, Google G-suite, Gmail or Dropbox Connected integrates with those solutions or can be used completely independently.

How many people can send me files?

There is no limit to the number of people that can send you files. You only need a license for your own account.

Do you offer volume / non-profits / educational institutions discounts?

Yes! Please contact our sales team for more information.

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